The great love and care in put into every single piece of art created and sold. We use the highest of quality materials and to deliver you the highest possible craftsmanship in every single piece of artwork. 

Returns & Refunds

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the artistic service refunds can not be offered. Please decide upon your commission wisely. If any damages occur din transit, please contact us within five days of receiving goods.


If you have any questions, feedback or complaints  please reach out via our contact form to get in touch and we will get back to you with the following working day.


- Original pieces can be purchased as available or commissioned. 

- All payments are required in full prior to commission.

- We reserve the ownership rights to reproduce artistic images unless agreed prior.

- All images created are Copyright of Elizabeth Faye.


Your privacy is of the highest importance. If you purchase a custom commission of yourself or anyone else and do not wish for this to be shared on social media, please inform us in the beginning.

All online payments are kept secured through external services. Use your own discretion when purchasing online to keep yourself and your information safe. If in doubt, or you do not wish to purchase online you can contact us for alternate payment methods.



If you wish to feature any of our work in any publication or through reproduction of our artwork in any way, you must have the prior written permission of Elizabeth Faye. You can reach us through our contact form and we will reply the following working day.



- Credit / Debit Cards

- Direct Credit. Contact us for more information.