Frequently asked questions

Returns & Refunds

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the artistic service refunds can not be offered. Please decide upon your commission wisely.


All shipping is additional. Shipping cost will differ based on location and size of artwork. We ship nationally (New Zealand), and internationally.

What paint do you use?

We use a variety of penicls and paints depending on surface and desired outcome. Most commonly for portraits we use: Professional Quality Oil Paints & Watercolour Paints. For Fabrics such as Silks & Leather we use special Leather and Fabric Paints designed to be heat set to the fabric and finsihed with a protective water proof barrier.

Can I order a different size painting?

Yes you can. Please contact us with your desired size and see how we can help. More sizes will be available on our website based on popularity and accessibility. Be mindful of shipping costs when deciding on your size. We will also offer you a quote based on size for LARGE format paintings.


All payments are required before comission. You can pay via online or contact us for alternate methods.

What surface can you paint on?

Acid Free Canvas Papers, watercolour papers, stretched canvas, wood, leather, silk & other fabrics.