This is me. Elizabeth Faye, the artist. I don't like photos much, but I do LOVE painting. You're welcome.

Welcome to my world of all things creative. I love drawing, I love painting, I love photography, I love designing, I love creating. I have drawn ever since I can remember.

My favourite past time is exploring the wilderness and marvelling in the beauty that New Zealand gives us everyday. I am forever honoured being a mum to my courageous, adventurous little boys, who have become my greatest teachers.

I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Design (Visual Communication) in 2011, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Innovation & Entrepreneurship in 2014 from CPIT. 

As the Grand Winner of the Entre $85K Challenge in 2014 I was presented with the UC Business, Innovation & Law award in 2014; Top Business Student, CPIT 2014. I have been honoured to be a guest speaker at a number of local entrepreneurship & arts events from primary schools to university graduations over the years.

I am currently completing a Post Graduate studies in Arts Therapy and have established The Be Loved Project in supporting growth, connection & education through the Arts; reaching children and families touched by learning differences such as Autism.