I'm Elizabeth Faye, the artist behind the scenes. I have been painting most of my life. Through passion and a love for nature and beauty. My early career consisted of a more formal application of my creative pursuit as a graphic designer and art direction in advertising. I have recently completed a MA in clinical arts therapy. Painting has continued to sing my name on the sidelines of the corporate and academic worlds.

And at long last, I have now dedicated my skills to being a full-time artist and mum of two busy little boys. 

Located in Christchurch, New Zealand, I hope to be a rising star and inspirational force to other artists within our country and around the world. I consider my work to be contemporary figurative realism, as I seek to convey the feminine beauty from the world around me. I have been greatly inspired by the eras of Baroque and Neoclassicism. May my paintings light a little spark of 'Queen' within you as they decorate the walls of your heart, home and soul.